Friday, November 6, 2009


So the Stella is going to take forever in the dark before we get to enjoy it. But the good news is we were inspired by another beer locally that we both really liked. A local restaurant is pouring a unique Belgian Saison using telecherry Black Pepper and we just had to try this at home. So after searching and finally finding the pepper and making another trip to Adventures in Homebrewing we fired up the stove and 22qt pot to meld some flavors.

link to original recipe: recipe

The only changes we made to the mix were as follows:
Eliminate coriander and paradise seed in favor of 1oz of Telecherry Black Pepper (Crushed using a rolling pin and plased in muslin bag with Orange Peel)
Addition of some lemon peel grated, then 1/2 lemon peel sliced and placed in bag
We didn't have any Irish Moss on hand for the boil so this first batch isn't going to get it. I"m debating still if I want to add a little paradise seed and pepper in the secondary. I'll decide on that when the time comes.

Starting SG = 1.052

Link to Wikipedia explaining a little about Saison Beer

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